3x Brand New Ausa Machines In Our Fleet!

We have just received 3x brand new Ausa machines and we are happy to offer them to our customers.

Ausa T144PlusAusa D 150 AHG

Articulated compact dumper of 1.500kg. 1.45m wide. Tilting (AHG), with the biggest capacity in volume of the market.

D 1000 AP

Articulated chasis dumper of 10,000kg of payload with a last generation design and advanced technology. Models with a frontal and tilting unloading skip.

T144 Plus

AUSA Taurulift T 144 H Plus is the lightest and most compact telehandler in the market. It is capable of handling loads up to 1,350 kg at a maximum height of 3,90 m. This machine can reach horizontally 2,2m with a 550kg load and it is the ideal equipment for professionals seeking the minimum investment and operating costs.