Hitachi Spare Parts

Parts for Hitachi machinery

Kattrak offers Hitachi spare parts for a variety of Hitachi excavators and tracked dumpers. Any parts not in stock we can normally have within 10 working days.

We have a well stocked workshop and offer a repair service, either on site or at our premises.

OEM Hitachi Construction Machinery Website:

Hitachi Tracked Dumper Parts:

Hitachi EG30
Bottom RollerTop RollerSprocketIdlerRubber Track
Y904689 Y904688Y432002 Y904430 Y434014
Hitachi EG40R
  Y904242 Y907639 Y200171 Y904238 Y405281
Hitachi EG40R-C
  Y906519Y907639 Y200171 Y904238 Y405281
Hitachi EG65R-3
 Y906083   Y908517  Y200447 Y904582   YJ00001663
Hitachi EG70R
 Y800969 Y200195 Y200189 Y904583  Y405884
Hitachi EG70R-3
Y906083 Y908517 Y200447 Y904582  Y405884
Hitachi EG110R
Y906056 Y905332  Y200201 Y904969 Y405918

Hitachi Excavator spare part catalogs: