Rubber tracks

Kattrak supplies rubber tracks for tracked dumpers and tracked excavators of various makes and models. All new tracks are covered by manufacturer’s warranty depending on track size and application.

We can offer rubber tracks for the following makes & models:

900x150x74 – Morooka MST3300 VD

800x150x70 – Yanmar C120R

800x150x68 – Mitsubishi LD 1000 B C D

800x150x67 – Komatsu CD110R

800x150x67 or 750x150x66 – Hitachi EG110R

800x150x66 or 750x150x66 –  Komatsu CG110D

800x150x66 or 750x150x66 – Hitachi CG100

800x125x80 – Morooka MST2000

700x100x98 – Morooka MST1500 V / VD

700x100x96 – Hitachi EG70R

700x100x80 – Morooka MST1100

680x125x78 – Mitsubishi LD700

650x125x80 – Hitachi CG70

650x120x78 – Yanmar C80R-2

650x110x88 – Yanmar C80R

600x100x82 – Komatsu CD60R-1

600x100x80 – Yanmar C60R

600x100x80 – Morooka MST800

500x90x82 – Yanmar C50R

500x90x78 – Morooka MST600

500x100x76 – Morooka MST700

500x100x71 – Hitachi EG40R

500x100x65 – Morooka  MST600VD

450x110x74 – Yanmar C50R-3

450x110x74 – Takeuchi TC50R

350x100x58 – Hitachi CG30

350x100x58 – Morooka  MST450

350x100x53 – Morooka MST300

320x90x58 – Canycom S25A

320x90x58 – IHI IC30

320x90x56 – Yanmar C30R RG30

320x90x52 – Yanmar C20R