Morooka Post Driver

£ P.O.A.

Tracked Post Driver – based on Morooka MST800 / Hitachi CG45 chassis.

Approx  1997 model, 4500 hours, with new post driver  made by WRAG, 250 kg hammer

Morooka MST800 is a 5T payload capacity tracked dumper. Reliable machine for any types of terrain. Unladen weight of about 8 tonne. Has a flatbed for carrying fencing materials.

Post driver- WRAG Thrift model.

Link to WRAG website: click

Crane – Ferrari with 5.7 m reach.

Machine is capable of any types of fencing jobs. Post driver rotates 180 degrees and fence posts can be located a couple of meters away from the unit. All control levers are located at the rear side, so that 1x operator can both drive the machine and operate the post driver without returning back to cab.

NOTE: This crawler dumper is NOT suitable for use on public road under any circumstances. It is illegal to drive it on public roads.