Hidromek HMK 140 W

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Hidromek HMK 140 W represent innovative outstanding performance, control simplicity and versatility. It allows the operator to have perfect command ability and reliability, and ensures low fuel consumption, easy maintenance and operator comfort. Along with other pieces of equipment, it is the leader in its class.

Opera Control System
Since the very first phase of its design, GEN has been developed to enable user to control the machine with an extraordinary ease, in an environment of total comfort, feeling himself like in his own office. That is why, GEN for first time in its class, has been equipped with OPERA (HİDROMEK Operator Interface).
Fuel economy
You will be able to do more work and save on fuel consumption in every tank, with the electronically controlled Isuzu motor and different working modes for Kawasaki hydraulic pump every field conditions.